Chilled Courier Services- How To Handle Perishable Goods

Most delivery drivers do not usually handle perishable goods such as frozen products and fresh produce but being able to handle these kinds of deliveries can give you a substantial advantage over other delivery services. You could be able to transport items of high value such as medical supplies or lab samples that have to be kept at the right temperature. The best part about it is that you can charge more for the services.

That being said, here are a few basics on how to go about chilled courier service:
Get The Basic Supplies
If you are planning to transport perishable products, you will require the following: a ready supply of ice, old newspapers, insulated vessels of different sizes and plastic wrap. The vessels could be basic Styrofoam chests, but the most important thing is that you have adequate containers to handle packages of varying sizes.

Pack the Perishable Products
You can start off by wrapping the products in overlapping layers of plastic cling wrap in order to seal and protect. Next, take a chunk of dry ice that can fit the bottom of the dry ice and avoid touching it. Once it is in place, cover it with a few layers of old newspaper, place the product on top and use more newspaper to secure it firmly in position. This is why you need to choose a vessel that fits the size of the product to be delivered. Seal the container and put a label stating it has dry ice.

Unloading the Products
As a chilled courier services provider, you will have two options here: the first is to deliver the project including the Styrofoam container and the second is to remove the item from the vessel and hand it over to the client. It’s better to leave the choice to the client, but remind them that they will have to pay extra for the container. However, it would be an ideal option if nobody is available to pick the item immediately or there’s no refrigerating unit.

Once you are ready to provide the chilled courier services, you need to let both your current and new customers that you are now accepting perishable items. Just put a small sign in your storefront or update your site and people will know about the new service. Do not hesitate to spread the word as it is the only way you will get more business.

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